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Jan. 29th, 2011

About this LJ

Please read my user info for information regarding shipping and other important info  on all of my items. All items in mint condition unless otherwise noted. All items come from and have resided in a smoke free home. Thanks for your time ^_^


Please leave all feed back here.

List the item you received from me and your

thoughts and whatever else you would

like to share about the item & transaction.

Thank you ^_^

Meek DiGi Charat Ponyo Ponyo Cosplay $40.00

Click for Pictures Collapse )

Excellent Condition
The outfit has only been worn once for about 4 hrs or so in an air conditioned room and the garments have been laundered.

Whats included?
-Fleece Hat
- fingerless gloves
-Simple Black Collar
-Red pleated skirt-Old Navy size 14- 16
-Woman's basic green shirt by Hanes size LG. As seen in the image there is already an iron on star placed. This auction will also include the star patch for if any reason the iron on fades or if you want to use a different shirt for the costume.

I do have the shoes as well, and will include them in the costume set if interested at no additional fee. They fit a size 9 woman's and are a pair of Sodas. Also in mint condition.

If you know anything about this character, you then are aware for her love of fish. I will also throw in the small plushie trout if interested. (this character is crazy about fish)

The actual wig that goes with this costume is not shown, and is not for sale separately at this time. Though,  I may make an acception.
So if interested, ask and I can send you pictures of the wig.

Synthetic Konekalon wig extentions/ hair falls

Hair packets available:

red wine
bubble gum pink

Packages sealed and never been opened. Would love to sell them all to one buyer, but I am willing to sell individual packets. Have no idea what to charge each packet, so best offer is the asking price. Can be used to make hair falls, or add to a wig.

Naruto Cosplay Mist Village headband-MINT

Head Band is in excellent condition & comes in original box shown. The box itself is in good condition. Item comes from and has resided in a smoke free/ pet free home. Has only been worn once. Item purchased on a whim and just no longer want it.
Asking price $10 shipped (additional shipping fees  for international sales)

Full Image hereCollapse )

Jan. 28th, 2011

Nintendo Power magazines-Zleda, Final Fantasy, Lost Kingdoms and more-Updated 10-31-10

$2.00 for all 4 issues or $1 each

Items come from and have resided in a smoke free/ pet free home.
Would prefer to sell all 4 issues together, but is willing to sell single issues

Anime DVDS $5 ea with free shipping

Any dvd $5 each, that covers shipping in the USA:

Excel Saga-Volume 1
Serial Experiments Lain: "Deus" which is volume 3 in the series
Sin The movie
Vandred-The Second Stage Volume 1

Buy any two for $8 instead of $10. Still comes with free shipping

Jan. 27th, 2011

Neko/Kitty Ears

Read more...Collapse )
$10.00 and I do take commissions,
The pink is just what I have ready on hand to ship out atm.

Neon Green Ears on a ClipCollapse )

Posters-make an offer

Larger Image of Neverwinter Nights PosterCollapse )

Peace Maker, Millenium Actress, Kaleido Star, Neverwinter NightsCollapse )

Jan. 26th, 2011

Graphic Novel-Dark Angel and PopJneo magazine

PopJNeo Fashion, music, cultural magazineCollapse )

Mobius Klein Graphic Novel in EnglishCollapse )

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