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Kimi Trades

The Market

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All prices on items in previous posts/listings below have been cut in half. Most items as cheap as $5.00 USD.

All Items come from a smoke free home.

Feel free to email me and haggle, especially if you are interested in multiple items.

S&H unless already included in the price, will be determined after I have received an email from the prospective buyer. Manga and comics can be shipped as media mail and is cheaper that parcel and priority post.

I ask for the zip code and or country, so I can get an exact estimate on shipping for you and not a penny more ^_^

I do ship outside of the US. So, please inform me when sending an email what country you are from.

I am not responsible for items if insurance and or tracking has not been added separately to the S&H fee

I suggest paying for insurance on larger shipments, I will pay for tracking on all large shipments. Once a package leaves my hands at the post office, I am not responsible.

I accept the following methods of payment:
-Money Order
-Personal Check
-I prefer to stay away from well concealed cash, as I have had problems with this in the past
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